11 Blackjack Tips The Casino Wouldn’t Want To Be Known

11 Blackjack Tips The Casino Wouldn’t Want To Be Known

11 Blackjack Tips The Casino Wouldn’t Want To Be Known

Casino houses prefer dealing with novice gamblers. They love people who believe in false myths about poker and those who have scanty information about the blackjack game. Their objective is to make money. So they ensure that you part with your money. Here are things the Blackjack house will not want you to know.


11 Blackjack Tips The Casino Wouldn’t Want To Be Known
11 Blackjack Tips The Casino Wouldn’t Want To Be Known


 1. Blackjack is not about luck

Naive gamblers think that winning blackjack is luck. This is not true. It is the skill you have in playing the game that counts. The casino’s preference is for you not to master the basic strategy. Any digression made from the essential strategy is advantageous to them.


2. Playing optimally can’t guarantee an edge

Some gamblers think that by playing optimally it guarantees them an edge over the casino. They choose self-made decisions and may not see the need for memorizing the basic strategy. These are the casino’s favourites.


3. By counting cards, it is possible to get an edge

Card counting is an advantageous playing technique in blackjack. By counting cards, you can adjust your betting amount when your chance of winning is high. It can help you switch to basic strategy depending on the deck’s composition. Most card counters do that to get an edge over the house. However, most casinos will convince you that card counting is ineffective.


4. Card counting is legal

Some casinos say that counting cards are illegal. But counting cards is legal in most states. So, the casinos will want to take advantage of your ignorance and dissuade you from using the technique. Unfortunately, even without proof, casinos reserve the right of not to let you in the blackjack games if they think you are ‘’too skilled’’.


5. Video Blackjack Game

Casinos have video blackjack games on slot machines or video poker. They offer low betting limits to attract low-rollers. For instance, they offer a two for one payoff. This means that on winning you get $2.00 for every $1.OO you wager, similar to a one to one payoff. Why try?


6. You never lose after taking the Even Money

 When you have a blackjack and the dealer reveals an ace, the casino offers to pay even money before your dealer checks his hole card for a blackjack. If the dealer doesn’t have it, you will win 4% more cash instead of even-money that offers say a 3-2 pay.


7. Insurance is not a sure bet

Casinos will want to make you believe that insurance is a guaranteed sucker bet. It has a huge house edge close to 6% so it should never be taken unless you are a card counter who will not be noticed.


8. High-rollers can negotiate the rules and conditions

High rollers can negotiate better rules different from standard ones. By negotiating, you shave more edge from the house.


9. The house edge on blackjack is the same as for Spanish 21

As much as it may be correct, the playing rules for these two games are different. This means that the basic strategies are different too. You should not use the playing strategy for blackjack when playing Spanish 21.


10. The double-deck game

You may accidentally gamble when the dealer has two decks of cards mistaking it for a double-deck game. Instead, it could be a 6 or 8 deck game. After shuffling, the dealer picks two cards and deals with them. You may lose afterwards.


11. Automatic shufflers change odds

The shufflers, also known as CMS decrease the house edge slightly due to the lack of ‘’cut card effect’’. Unless you are a card counter, the pit boss will have an edge on every hand thus your hourly loss increases by 20%.


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