10 Facts about Blackjack that Will Surprise Your Friends

10 Facts about Blackjack that Will Surprise Your Friends

Top 10 Facts About Blackjack Will Surprise Your Friends

Blackjack is a game that is widely loved by gamblers. According to statistics, it is also the most popular in every land-based casino and extremely popular in online casinos globally. While some players know many things about blackjack, some don’t. So in case you know little about the game, there are several fascinating facts about blackjack you can learn about that will surprise your friends.


The following are 10 of them:

10 Facts about Blackjack that Will Surprise Your Friends
10 Facts about Blackjack that Will Surprise Your Friends


  1. Blackjack is among the casino’s oldest games

Blackjack was mentioned for the first time in literature in Miguel Cervantes’ book Don Quixote, where it was called “ventiuna”. And while the book is silent on how the game was actually played, it is evident that the objective was to actually get a total of 21, with the ace counting as 1 or 11.

The book, which was published in 1605, is thought to be the first authentic Western novel. This Spanish writer was actually Shakespeare’s contemporary, which should give you a hint on how old the blackjack game is.


  1. While blackjack is many centuries old, card counting as known today has been in existence for less than one century

Ed Thorp’s great book, Beat the Dealer, published in 1962 provided the initial true mathematical coverage of card counting. From that time, numerous books have been published describing various techniques of getting an advantage over the house. However, prior to that, there was no proof mathematically that the game could actually be beaten.


  1. Blackjack is among the only casino games where your decision counts

Video poker plus blackjack are the 2 major casino games in which you can make decisions that increase your chances over the house. Sound calculated decisions get you on an edge as well as reduce the house edge considerably, in some instances, to less than 1%.

 Your total and the dealer’s upcard are the 2 things you need to know and take into account. With the 2, you can actually learn the right play in every situation that can emerge during a game.


  1. The casino easily calculates your average hourly loss

The casino calculates your average anticipated loss per hour to determine your refunds and rewards as a member of the player club. They normally get a highly correct estimate of the figure in general.


  1. Payouts for blackjack was previously much better than they are today

When blackjack initially gained popularity in gambling halls in the U.S.A, the game paid off at 10 rather than 3 to 2. Even so, it was more difficult to get a blackjack since the description of the hand was significantly stricter. The only time it counted as blackjack is when it was actually a 2-card total of 21. However, the hand had to literally include a blackjack.


  1. Mathematicians understand how every imaginable rule variation affects the odds

A casino has an astonishing number of techniques it can use to distinguish between one blackjack game and the other. Every rule change adds to or reduces the house edge over the gambler. Figuring out the impact of each rule variation can assist you in deciding on the blackjack game that is actually better than the rest.


  1. Casinos don’t like card counters

The movie 21 clearly gives a very good idea about the attitude of casinos towards card counters. They are not there to give gamblers an advantage over the house. This is why they are astonishingly ready to turn away punters who exhibit lots of skill at the tables. However, card counting is not actually illegal anywhere.


  1. Card counting in online blackjack games is not possible

You cannot count cards in the blackjack games simply because online casinos normally shuffle the deck at the end of every hand. This is applicable to blackjack’s typical online casino versions powered by a random number generator (abbreviated as RNG), which is a computer program. It is however also applicable to land-based casinos.


  1. Blackjack is not the game for players who are looking for casino bonus

Internet casinos offer deposit bonuses to attract new real money gamblers. The moment you sign up and make your initial deposit at the online casino, you receive a bonus that is equivalent to a specific percentage of your deposit. However, there is normally a maximum limit to these.


  1. Insurance is a bad bet

Insurance is typical useless odds. This is actually true the moment you realize that the house has a 7% edge and any side bet in the course of a blackjack game will greatly impact on increased losses.



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